About Rib &
Chop House

our history

The Rib & Chop House was founded in 2001. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve opened 11 Rib & Chop House restaurants across the US, flourishing in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and Utah. Our ability to grow and achieve success has come through our commitment to “Rocky Mountain Hospitality.” This concept incorporates a casual attitude with our high-level commitment to loyalty, safety, service, and quality food. We take pride in bringing our great restaurant to exceptional small towns. At the Rib & Chop House, our goal is to create extraordinary experiences that raise the bar in each of our communities.

Values & Beliefs

The success of a Rib and Chop House comes from our continuous escalation in sales and profit, which derives from our exceptional care for our customers and employees. We match our values and beliefs to reflect the importance of being a part of a place you can be proud of, something you want to have your name on. How we choose to encourage this is through our six principles below.


We engage, communicate, and demonstrate an authentic and honest approach to all business dealings.  


We believe in quality products, which is why we have stuck to our guns on things like Certified Angus Beef.

Positivity & Optimism

Leading with positivity creates great energy in the restaurant, and with great energy comes great experiences for all. 


We believe if each person is versed in and committed to the standard, we deliver consistency and quality across all restaurants.

Sense of Service

We are true hospitality professionals who thrive in an environment where we can provide service and genuine care.  


We encourage idea-sharing and leverage collective individual experiences to create innovative and thriving environments.

Rocky Mountain Hospitality

From the inside out, each restaurant is designed to compliment the “Rocky Mountain” feel we portray to our customers. With a warm and welcoming dining area highlighting our bucolic atmosphere and Western charm, our family-friendly environment carries over to each state, telling the story of our roots.