Developing Our


To maintain the integrity of our brand and meet the demands of high-volume traffic at our steakhouses, we prioritize staying true to classic recipes while also adding our unique twist to popular drinks like old-fashioneds, mojitos, and dirty martinis. Our homemade syrups streamline the drink-making process by reducing the number of steps required to create our classic cocktails, often from six steps down to three. For example, our Painkiller cocktail is a classic that we can deliver more efficiently thanks to our homemade syrup, enabling us to serve customers in a timely fashion with consistent quality.


In addition to upholding the classics, we recognize the importance of providing a variety of drinks with consistent flavor profiles. This includes featuring a selection of craft beers from local breweries at each of our locations, which not only supports the surrounding communities but also adds a unique local flavor to our offerings. While we occasionally introduce special limited-time drinks, our focus remains on maintaining the core essence of our brand.

Step by Step Process to Our Drink Menu

Identify target customers

Determine beverage categories

Select brands and products

Recipe development


Menu layout



Crafting a tantalizing drink menu that leaves your customers thirsty for more requires a meticulous approach, much like the creation of a delectable food menu. At Rib & Chop House, we prioritize customer preferences, exceptional quality, pricing, and presentation to ensure a memorable dining experience. However, our process doesn’t stop there. We also take into account local regulations, seasonal availability of ingredients, and the latest trends in the beverage industry to offer a truly exceptional and unparalleled drinking experience.