The Steakhouse Franchise Opportunity

“I feel like there’s nothing like this in the industry at this level, and people are very excited about it,” Yaron Goldman, CEO says.

Picture Your Restaurant Space

Your Rib & Chop House restaurant will reside within approximately 6,000 square feet of comfortable, welcoming space for you, your team, and your guests. Decorate your place with art and items representing your local community so they feel right at home when they walk in. Most importantly, make sure everyone who walks in feels a little bit of that Rocky Mountain Hospitality!

What You’ll Need:

Free-standing or endcap unit in a lifestyle strip center Indoor and outdoor seating (if possible) for up to 300 people  Friendly, approachable bar 100 available parking spaces Fully equipped kitchen where your customized 1800-degree broiler is the star of the show

Your Investment And It’s Potential

We are looking for financially qualified people who are excited about our brand and the idea of franchise ownership to support a team of employees and give back to their community. 

Estimated Initial Investment: $1,970,000 to $2,908,700

Financial Performance Representation: AUV of $4 Million

Franchise Details

Initial Franchise Fee:  $50,000 

Royalties:  4.5% of gross revenues

Local Marketing Requirements: The greater of $2,500 or 0.5% of gross revenues

System Marketing Fund Contribution: 0.5% of gross revenues

Territories and Real Estate

Rib & Chop House is king of the small-town market. We have been running this business for decades and know what works. For this reason, we seek enthusiastic restaurateurs, business builders, and investors in key target markets throughout the Western and Midwestern U.S. Of course, if you can picture some Rocky Mountain Hospitality somewhere else, we’ll be happy to talk with you about it.

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