Perfecting Our

Lunch MENU

Classic Steakhouse Flavors. Fresh Culinary Thinking. An Abundance of New Weekday Favorites.

Our new lunch menu is the result of months of prepping & roasting, slicing & simmering, tinkering & tasting.


The Rib & Chop House culinary team has produced a menu that satisfies a broad range of appetites, focusing on classic steakhouse tastes and flavors, and how they could be influenced by our distinct Louisiana-inspired heritage. 

From Salads to Seafood, Chicken to Steak, and Handhelds to Entrées, each perfectly prepared menu item is nothing short of delightful – both in its simplicity and its savoriness. We invite you to come in and discover a new lunchtime favorite!

Step-by-Step Process to Our Lunch Menu


Identify Target Customers

Determine menu categories

Select ingredients

Recipe Development



Crafting a lunch menu that ignites the senses and keeps patrons coming back for more requires a special blend of creativity, business acumen, and culinary finesse. At Rib & Chop House, we’re dedicated to providing a lunchtime experience like no other, ensuring both you and your taste buds are satisfied with each visit.